My name is John Pardo, I am an American businessman born in Caracas, Venezuela. At the age of 21, I suffered a bullet wound to the spinal cord, leaving me in a wheelchair ever since. I studied 4 years of law but designing and architecture have been my passion.  I have lived in Miami for 20 years and participate marathons annually, keeping my physical and mental condition thanks to sport and my lifestyle.

I am a man with a positive mentality, a fighter by nature. I live every moment with intensity and I like to share this determination with the people around me.

I have always wanted to share my philosophy of life with those who go through tragic or difficult circumstances, and since 2017 I decided to promote part of my trips and challenges through the documentation of each material. In August of 2017 I traveled 800 km in my wheelchair, finishing the French way of the Camino de Santiago (The Camino de Santiago). I hope that my work and example will inspire millions of people.

The Camino de Santiago was just the beginning, I envision many more trips and challenges as part of my way of helping others, as part as my new project I DID IT, a series of documentaries that seek to convey the positive feeling that characterizes me and to recognize the greatness of human beings inspiring those who need it, always remembering that the only obstacles that exist are those that we put ourselves in front of us.