I always see my life  from a positive perspective and that way

of thinking is that I want to project and share.

My motivational mentoring is for anyone but my goal is to reach those with recent injuries that in some ways alter their lifes. Sharing my way of thinking, my experiences, my example and my way of overcoming obstacles, turning them into opportunities. Teach you that life does not end it gets better. I want to convey my life experiences with a simple solution.

1. Acceptance: To learn how to accept that  life and its circuntances can change from one moment to another. To Understand that new challenges and opportunities are presented even with the most unlikely situations, such as an accidents or a tragedy.

2. Self-esteem management: How to be proud of who you are despite the changes.

 3. Daily planning: To recognize new challenges and face the day to day in a positive way, discover new talents, take advantage of time and spaces.

 4. Social inclusion: New social roles, management of rejection, handling a negative opinions.

 5. Dynamic Reformulation: Every second counts, every decision we make is decisive in immediate consequences. Reformulating our goals and rethinking new ways to improve our lives is the best way to live and tolerate internal and external changes. Learning and understanding this conceptualization is part of my personal success.

 And remember we always have a second chance!

If you think that I can help you, a family member, a group of people; if you are deeply affected and do not see a way out, if a loved one is suffering, what to expect after an accident, if a group of people does not improve or you simply want to help many to see the world in a different way with a  positive reforcement and learn how to  love life again, I can help you and I am willing to do it.

I can offer my help at no cost reviewing every case and certain conditions will apply.

Contact me or contact my team for more info.