I DID IT My way, The Camino de Santiago, is a documentary about the pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, but with the peculiarity that I did it from the subjective optics of my camera in my wheelchair. The material was recorded with my goPro during my journey of 800km making the Camino in 25 days, from France and touring the north of Spain to Santiago de Compostela. I describe the road as a metaphor of my life, in it I leave testimony of great experiences, friendships and teachings. It is much more than a journey, or a blog, it is a documentary piece that seeks to reveal, with realism and simplicity, the capabilities that we can develop when we set out to do something and work on it.

John Pardo / Designer, businessman & motivational speaker

He is an American businessman born in Caracas, Venezuela. At the age of 21, he suffered a bullet wound to the spinal cord, leaving him in a wheelchair. He is real state investor and designer and he participates in marathons annually. He lives every moment with intensity and he likes to share this determination with the rest of us. In August of 2017 he traveled 800 km, been the only person in wheelchair that has ever done it solo, finishing the French way of the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James). John has decided to share part of his travels and his philosophy of life with the general public, but especially with those people who feel or think the life is over, showing that there are no obstacles to achieve your dreams or goals. He is an excellent motivational speaker and his speeches could be deeply emotional and life changing. John has an captivating personality, he is emotional and spiritual and he has achieved to share his positive energy to those around him.

Felipe Branger / Director, Editor & Producer

Felipe Branger is a Venezuelan director, editor, television producer and publicist. After working as a producer in several television channels in Latin America and creating his own production firm Tekkifilms Audiovisuals Solutions, he had great success as a director in the city of Miami, working with artists as Miguel Ignacio Mendoza (Nacho) and directing several music videos that have been made viral in social networks. His popularity has allowed him to break through big companies like Toyota for which he produces and directs commercials. He is recognized as the audiovisual magician, since he has a unique talent as an editor and has become popular for his ability to dynamize and document audiovisual material at different rates. Since the beginning of 2016, he has been the creator and executive producer of the television program Acción Continua, an entertainment segment that promotes Latin talent in the United States and earned him two Mara International awards, a best entertainment program and best director.

Sheila Mon de Lima. M.D / Script

She is a Venezuelan writer, computer engineer and Physician surgeon (Magna Cum Laude); is now firmly working in documentaries and has written several other scripts for commercials and digital marketing. Her interest in writing began at a very young age, keeping document of her poems in a book that it soom to be publised. During her studies in Computer Engineering, she enjoyed both writting and numbers, but it was later, during her studies in Clinical Psychology in Bogotá, Colombia, that she wrote a psychotherapy book with motivational intent that positively impacted the recovery of many patients. During her two-year stay in Spain, she heard about the road to Santiago, but it was a year later, when she traveled to Miami and met John Pardo, that all her experiences came together to write the most motivating documentaries.

Aurelio  / Friend of the road

“What surprised me about John was how great he is as a person, he has a big heart, he never sees an obstacle in his life, he always looks forward with a smile on his face, it is motivating!
His life has not been easy, but his great capacity, his efforts and his tenacity are qualities that reflect how great he is. He is a person who, when he is determined to do something, he will achieve it, he never looks back. He is an example to follow.”

Sandra  / Friend of the road

“I had the opportunity to share the last 100Km of the Camino de Santiago with John. He inspired me, motivated me to improve myself, to not give up, to believe in myself and to always move forward.
His strength and determination made me not only finish my way to Santiago, but also to become a better person.”